Encouraging Christian women business leaders in service to God and others

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Faith-driven leaders are well rounded leaders.

Whether online or in person, all of our content and programming is focused on four key areas—growth, leadership, faith, and joy for women who want to pursue business success and eternal success.

The height of your growth and leadership is equal to the depth of your faith and joy.

Meeting the needs of
Your business
We are people who care about your growth. A thriving business gives you opportunity for ministry. Regular content, connecting, and coaching to advance your business helps you to be a good steward of your success.
Meeting the needs of
Your career
As you experience growth and success in your company, ensure that you’re also growing in your leadership so that you may lead well through the ups and downs. Tenfold’s leadership culture is Christ-centered and others-focused. We encourage biblically-based leadership focused on holistic transformation across the multiple bottom lines of economic, social, environmental, and spiritual outcomes.
Meeting the needs of
Your walk with God
Deepen your faith so you’re able to share with others. When we seek first the kingdom of God, we can integrate our faith with our work to make greater impact. You can access online tools, communities, and resources to help you engage in a lifestyle of Christ-like faith and action.
Meeting the needs of
Your heart
Growing, leading, faith - it all takes all of you. Our truest joy and significance comes from loving and serving God faithfully in all areas of life. When we’re making disciples, we’re fulfilling our greatest calling and enjoying the greatest eternal reward. Find joy in your work and bring joy to those you work with.
equipping women to lead well

Content and community designed to help you thrive in your work and faith.

We’re driven to create valuable and enriching experiences for Tenfold members because we believe we can greatly impact the world when we worship God through our work.


Equipping women business leaders with the accountability to thrive


Professional women of faith, connecting daily to enrich one anothers’ lives and careers


Coaching for women leaders by women leaders


Access to exclusive member tools and resources to build profitable businesses on Biblical principles


Great community and collaborative events to give you spiritual caffeine
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Shine bright in your workplace.

With membership levels for every phase of your career, there’s nothing holding you back from jumping in and making Jesus the focus of your work.

Collective member
$1,000 /mo
For women professionals who are ready to join a close-knit collective of Christian advisors. When you join you’ll become part of a long-term, confidential, and high-impact group. Monthly facilitated roundtable meetings, exclusive training, 1-on-1 personal accountability sessions, and more will help you elevate both your business and eternal impact.
  • Monthly full-day roundtable meeting with 6-10 other peers
  • Monthly 1-on-1 personal accountability call
  • Annual spotlight and peer review of your business
  • Access the full Tenfold member directory
  • Post featured jobs to the Tenfold job board
  • Get featured in Tenfold publications
Also includes the Community and Connect memberships benefits
Community member
$100 /mo
Go deeper with a national virtual community of other high-impact Christian women bringing Biblical principles to their business and gain access to exclusive Tenfold virtual events.
  • Group coaching calls
  • Virtual networking events
  • Access the Community member directory
  • Post jobs to the Tenfold job board
Also includes the Connect membership benefits
Connect member
$10 /mo
Access resources and a digital community to become an empowered Christian woman business leader. Directly connect with other women who share your passion for integrating their faith and work.
  • Join our private discord community
  • Access the Connect member directory
  • View the Tenfold job board

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A caring community begins with thoughtfully shepherding who is a part of the fold.

It's important to everyone involved with Tenfold that those who join the community are willing and ready to care for one another.


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Join us as we journey together.

It’s important to everyone involved with tenfold that those who join the community are willing and ready to care for one another.

June 2, 2023

Connect + Learn Interest Call

Attend a Tenfold open Q&A interest call on first Fridays at 1pm EST! Learn about the support and value this group offers you and your questions are welcomed. RSVP to connect@jointenfold.com.

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from the founder

A letter from Alyse

Hi there! I'm thrilled you're here. My passion and profession is all about building communities for women business leaders who can support each other.

Through my work with Christian women in business, I've learned most of us don't have a community to support our growth and development. That's why I believe we're both here – to be part of the tenfold to increase our leadership, faith, family, and business. Tenfold will help you succeed beyond profitability, to use your work to honor God. This community will help you focus on making an impact that doesn't just bring temporary success, but that has eternal significance. Our membership levels are simple and easy to join, with options for everyone. The highest level is the collective member seat, and it includes a confidential monthly training meeting with a group of 6-12 of your own close peer advisors. We meet in-person at a central location with food and supplies provided. I invite you to learn more and join us as we grow together.

Honor God. Be fruitful and multiply. Give and receive abundantly. Grow Tenfold.

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