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What is the purpose of Tenfold?


The purpose of Tenfold is simple. We are a national peer community of Christian women business leaders providing career support, Biblical training, and business resources for professional, personal, and spiritual growth.

What is the mission of Tenfold?


The mission of Tenfold is to encourage and equip all Christian women business leaders to serve to God and others in our work.

What is the vision of Tenfold?


In the next 10 years, our God-sized vision is to equip 10,000 women to live out the biblical meaning of work, leadership, and impact—so that lives, businesses, societies, and nations will be transformed for Christ.

What should I expect as a member of the Tenfold community?


We help you to apply Biblical principles to your personal and professional life. And we extract learning and development from these everyday experiences to grow with your peer leaders for shared success. Each member level of Tenfold offers varying, special access to community, content, and resources.

What is Tenfold’s goal for its members?


The goal of Tenfold is to create a small private network for executive women to receive the resources and support they need to apply Biblical principles to their personal and professional lives. Members can access a community of peers who allow you to discover who you are and what you need for your spiritual and professional growth. And we extract learning and development from everyday experiences to grow with our peer leaders for shared success.

How do I know if Tenfold is right for me?


• Are you a professional Christian woman who leads people, teams, projects or companies?

• Are you looking for a vast network of other professional Christian women who “get you” and will move mountains to find opportunities that support you professionally?

• Do you respect other professional women and strive to offer support, advice, resources, and opportunities to others?

• Are you a motivated and ambitious businesswoman who seeks camaraderie among other peers and professionals?

• Do you have a strong ambition to advance in your faith, your business, and your profession?

• Do you believe in speaking up and asking for what you need to advance in business and in your profession?

• Do you serve first and know that when you give a little, the “get” comes back to you Tenfold?

If you've answered yes to some or all of these questions, Tenfold will bring you great value.

How do I know if this is a good time for me to join Tenfold?


• You believe the God has called you to something greater

• You want to lead your business in a way that honors God

• You have a deep desire to serve God in and through your daily work

• You want to spend time with your team supporting and encouraging them in ways that are eternally significantYou want solid teaching on biblical leadership at work and at home but don’t have time to find the resources

• You want to follow a proven system that works for personal, professional and spiritual growth

• You have a big vision about how you can help others

What is the expected ROI for Tenfold collective members?


The program offers significant business benefits that far exceed the cost of participation. Consider the cost of assembling a team of advisors, experts, and consultants to assist with real business matters on a monthly basis—that could cost thousands of dollars per month. By offering our members access to a Christian Board of Advisors, the value of being a part of the program is immeasurable.

How do I qualify for Tenfold?


Member qualifications shift based on member level:

• Tenfold’s collective membership is an invitation-only membership

• Members must be professing Christians who align with our shared Statement of Faith

• Collective members must be females and business owners, executives or leaders responsible for business outcome

• Community members must be Christian female business leaders

• Connect members can be emerging leaders or undergraduate/graduate students aspiring to become faith-driven business leaders

• Free access is available to anyone to our newsletters, social content, and website content

The first step to see if membership is right for you is to speak with the Facilitator on an upcoming interest call to find out if there’s a Tenfold chapter near you. You can learn about each membership level and what’s included here on the website.  

Is there a Tenfold chapter near me? Where is Tenfold based?


The corporate office is based in San Juan, PR, and our membership represents women from all over. The founding Tenfold collective meeting peer advisory groups are in Orlando, Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico with continued expansion of groups into additional cities.

Is there a cost for membership?


Yes, there are membership dues. This is a fee-for-service organization. Dues cover your monthly experiences, meetings, materials, curriculum, and coaching. Dues for each membership level are below: 
• Collective member - $1000/mon
• Community member - $100/mon
• Connect member - $10/mon

If you'd like to see what's included with each membership level, visit the homepage to see the details.

Why charge for membership?


We charge a monthly fee to cover our operational costs and budget, so that we can continue to provide high quality services, programs, facilities, food, events, curriculum, meeting materials, and compensate professional content developers, as well as meet our production expenses. It may be helpful to think of the roundtable collective program fee as similar to paying tuition at a Christian college or university, except in this case, it is for participating in a Christ-centered, Biblically-based personal and professional leadership development program. Although costs and margins play a role, they are not the primary consideration, the foundation of our pricing is the value we provide to our members. Many organizations spend a large amount of time raising funds to sustain their operations. By having a fee structure for our programs, we are able to focus on developing personal relationships with our participating members, developing content while also fairly compensating staff for their efforts in serving group members.

Can my company sponsor my membership?


Yes, company-sponsored memberships are accepted. Dues to Tenfold are often allocated as a business, versus personal, expense.

Is Tenfold a ministry or a business?


Tenfold is a for-profit, dues-based membership organization.

What is Tenfold’s means of financial support?


Tenfold is privately funded by its shareholders and sustains itself through revenue of membership dues, event revenue, and sponsor support.

Are there other ways to get involved with Tenfold as a strategic partner, sponsor, or advocate?


For any individual, company, non-profit organization, faith-based organization, or higher education institution that wishes to support tenfold’s mission, we encourage you to contact us by email at connect@jointenfold.com. We may have opportunities for you to be a sponsor, volunteer, speaker, recruiter, partner, or intern.

What are the Tenfold monthly exec roundtable meetings?


This monthly peer-to-peer executive roundtable, called a Tenfold collective, is made up of 6-12 leaders meeting regularly as a confidential “Christian board of advisors” for one-day a month. This core team meets regularly to support each other and to provide accountability and growth between fellow entrepreneurs, executives, and professional women.

What is the format of Tenfold roundtable meetings?


Each collective meeting consists of two parts:

• The first half of the day focuses on biblical-centered leadership improvement and self discovery.

• The second half of the day focuses on biblically-based strategic thinking, business planning, and problem solving.

You will be provided a guidebook for each meeting which is one part faith development, one part leadership development, and one part business development discussions.

Where and when are roundtable meetings held?


Collective roundtable meetings are one day a month from 9-4pm. The meeting is held near downtown Orlando and San Juan in a private venue. Meeting materials and lunch are provided for collective members.

What is the time commitment for collective members?


For most collective members, the total time invested annually is usually 8-10 hours per month and ~100 hours per year. Collective member commitment is one day a month (9-4pm) for collective meetings and one 45-60 min personal coaching session a month to work on the business vs in the business. There is also recommended reading and goal tracking, but the effort given to the strategic plans and actions you set influence the outcomes of the goals you make.

Still have questions? Join the next Tenfold interest call or email us at connect@jointenfold.com.