member expectations

Committing to a quality Collective

The care you put into your membership in a Collective group will correlate with the quality of your experience. Each tenfold group member commits to be all-in.

Female Christian business leaders

All tenfold members must be Christian female business leaders. Most members at a >$1m revenue-generating company who manage teams, employees, or departments

Members are committed to lifelong learning and development. They're in constant pursuit of growth, counsel, and servant leadership under God.

All members accepted to tenfold review and agree to a biblically-based statement of faith.

Dedicated participation

Dedicated attention, participation, and attendance.

Active commitment and involvement in regularly scheduled meetings, events, and coaching sessions.

Arrive before the meeting begins and not excuse yourself early before the meeting ends.

100% presence in meetings, along with everyone else investing their time and resources to be with you.  

Electronic use during meetings and events limited to frequent breaks and lunch.

Accountable to follow-through of what you say you’ll do - as a commitment to yourself, others, and to God.

Confidentiality, trust, and transparency

Everything shared in the group stays in the group, unless cleared by fellow members to disclose information shared outside of the group.

Members give and receive trust through faithful honesty, openness, and transparency among peers.


No solicitation to fellow collective members. Members are considered peers and do not solicit each other for business.

Peers should refrain in doctrinal debates with each other.

Committed to the group

Members commit to at least one year with the group.

If a member chooses to cancel, she must provide two month written notice to the group facilitator and address it with her peer group directly.

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